May the odds be ever in your favor

Your fortunes told in one handy guide, according to consultant, author and renowned expert in Chinese astrology, Joey Yap. Illustrations by Carmen Chua.


It’s a smooth sailing year for Rats, especially for the intellectual ones. Expect your fortunes to increase, and an enhanced ability to learn. Consider picking up new skills, improving current ones, or even enrolling in courses (time to make good use of your SkillsFuture credits)! Academicians, scholars and students will especially benefit from this powerful boost. Just tide over the rocky start at the beginning of the year and you’ll do just fine.


Expect a year of financial gain you lucky Oxens. Yap suggests being open to new opportunities where possible, especially if you’re working at female-dominated industries. But remember to not indulge in excess without keeping your ego in check. When around colleagues, maintain composure and work hard—you’ll gain their respect and support. If you’re single, socialize more and you just might find the right one.


The lucky stars will shine upon you, only if you know how to play your cards right. Caution is advised for Tigers as rumours being spread about you may lead to misunderstandings with those important to you. If you’re careful, be diligent and practice sound planning, you can expect a boost in your work life and finances. Consider doing charity and and taking up a team sport to stay healthy.


Abundance of love, generosity from kind people and mentors willing to guide you to success—Rabbits have it good with others this year. Many doors will open for you, at work or if finding a new job, but don’t let that distract you too much from your dearest ones. Pay more attention to them and avoid engaging in outside flings. If there have been past hurts, this is the year for reconciliation with peace-making opportunities aplenty.


After a solid 2017, this will be a challenging one for Dragons. Financial loss seems inevitable, but sufficient planning can help you not just tide over, but turn setbacks into opportunities. While work pressures may weigh on you, try to think positively, stay humble and not change careers. On the relationship front, those who are single will likely stay that way. Those attached however, will need to be more considerate of each other in order to stave off heated arguments.


While generally a good year, expect the unexpected and you’ll do fine. Be dynamic and expect change. If you adapt well—such as shifting careers or positions in a company—and stabilize fast, you’ll be able to reap gains and advance, especially as you slither into the later part of the year. It’s also a good time for those who are single to search for potential partners, but those already married should remain faithful, lest extramarital affairs cause an irreparable breakdown.


Gallop full speed ahead as you’ll find nothing but success this year, thanks to the many supportive people you’ll be surrounded by. It’s an opportune time to accumulate wealth and chances are you’ll get that pay raise and bonus you wanted. Just avoid impulsive decisions if making any investment plans. Couples should get married this year to boost companionship strength, and singles should confidently profess their love to those they admire.


Overall a good year with some minor setbacks for you Goats. They may be some tribulations happening in your life, but there will be enough help and opportunities for you to overcome them. At work, display your talents as that’ll lead to success. Difficulty may come in the form of malicious lies and existing conflicts with others, but Yap suggests ignoring them and focusing on work instead. Ladies will have weak love prospects this year whereas men should mingle more.


It’s a trying year for you so try not to monkey around too much. In both work and personal lives, a positive mindset is key to overcoming trying times. Expect a stream of obstacles at work including difficult superiors and deadline challenges. It’ll also be wise to plan your finances well and avoid overspending. Singles will find little luck this year, while couples should aid each other’s health by exercising together, for instance.


An eventful 2017 might have left you exhausted, so this year’s the year for a breather. Still, expect a huge workload in your career to keep you thoroughly occupied, but don’t allow anxiety to take over. In fact, you’ll benefit well from side incomes this year. In love, both cocks and hens will find great success. Singles will find luck from their social circles, couples should consider marriage, while married ones will find lots of joy—perhaps from a newborn.


It may be the year of the Doggo, but those born under the sign of the Dog are set for a challenging year ahead. Yap cautions against frivolous spending and to focus on saving more. At work, pressure and harsh superiors can result in productivity decrease. But still, it is unwise to change jobs this year. Instead, choose to stay determined. On the love front, there is little luck for those who are single, and those with a partner need to work hard to stay bonded.


Piggies, you’ll have it good this year. 2018 is a great time to showcase your capabilities and earn that career advancement and business development you’ve been eyeing for. You’ll find it easy to make alliances at work, and as long as you’re careful, you’ll likely enjoy a surge in wealth. As if that’s not enough, you’ll also be the life of the party at many gatherings. So network away, but be sure to give yourself some alone time to recharge and replenish.

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