Singapore Changi Airport gets it first in the world

Because of the exorbitant price tag attached to alcohol in Singapore, it has become somewhat of a norm to stock up on drinks every time we fly back home to fully leverage the tax-free buys. Here’s a new range you might want to considering getting the next time you’re traveling.

Come Jan 1, 2018, a new range of whiskies will be exclusively available at DFS for a month, before heading to airports worldwide in Feb. The new Macallan Quest Collection—named so to reflect the brand’s pursuit of the world’s finest oak casks— comprises four very different single malts curated specially for global travel retail.

There’s the namesake Macallan Quest, a lightly hued whisky that’s citrusy and filled with vanilla on the nose, making it probably the sweetest and most sessionable in the collection. Then there’s the Macallan Lumina, a spicier whisky that exudes notes of ginger and soft, dried oak.

Moving gradually higher in alcohol content is the Macallan Terra, a medium bodied selection that surrounds your palate in flavours of sweet dried fruit. And for those who really want to appreciate the scent of oak lingering long after a sip, go for the Macallan Enigma, a rich, powerful yet elegant drink.

Prices for the Macallan Quest Collection whiskies range from US$64-US$250.