Some travel inspo for your wanderlust needs

Part of our new SG Great Escapes 2017.



We asked for your tales of wanderlust and you delivered.

Nicholas Tann, Turkey

Nicholas was on his way to Cappadocia on a bus when he got off a couple of stops too early. After trekking for three hours, he found a hut whose owner gave him not just directions, but freshly made mulled wine too. He proudly shared that in it was orange, pomegranate, apple, plum, cinnamon, ginger, apricot and cherries.

Toni Florentino, Fiji

Toni had just turned 30 and ended a 10-year-long relationship so she decided to celebrate the milestone by spending it with her best friend doing crazy things in Fiji.

Dinesh Sivapragsam, Iran

Dinesh, along with his travel buddy Marcel, met up with their Couchsurfing host Sinar and bonded over bouts of shisha, learning swear words in foreign tongues and partying like the Iranians do.

Shinn Teo, Hong Kong

Shinn travels often for work, so much so her home has become somewhat of a hotel. But the joy of traveling has never escaped her, especially during her recent Hong Kong visit, where she checked out HDB-like estates.

Daniel Tay, Japan

Daniel planned for a solo-backpacking trip to Kyoto but his parents came along for the ride at the last minute. Just as well, as his hectic job schedule meant family time was a rarity.

Daniel Ong, Australia

Daniel proposed to his wife at the picturesque Busselton Jetty, making the special place a personally memorable one for him. He says he got butterflies in his stomach as he submitted this picture to us.

Lim Ming Jun, Morocco

Ming Jun rode camels for the first time, took a jeep ride topside and spent a night in the middle of the Sahara desert under a beautiful star-lit night.

Pearly Ng, India

Pearly couldn’t ask for a better life/travel partner than Hau Yeow. Together, they’ve braved two nights riding third-class on sleeper trains, slept with dung beetles in the Thar desert and backpacked all over India for a month.

Shabaz Hussain, Laos

“I spent my American tradtional holiday of Thanksgiving taking care of elephants at an Elephant Sanctuary in Laos. Learning more about these beautiful creatures created a newfound respect and love for animals. It’s a life-changing experience.”

Adnan Zainudin, Turkey

Adnan went to Turkey for his honeymoon last year and had a memorable time meeting friendly locals, taking in the beautiful scenery and dining on delicious food.

Ben Wightman, Japan

Ben took his classmate’s advice and visited Tokyo’s crazy spectacular at the Robot Restaurant and wasn’t disappointed by the colorful displays of robots, costumes and mechanized floats.

Fiona Chan, Thailand

Fiona went off the beaten track on her recent trip to Chiang Mai, where she hiked around the Pai Canyon and glimpsed a magnificent double rainbow.

Karina Curlewis, Bali

“In that moment facing out to the open sea, I felt the endless possibilities of life. whether it was the Bali air, fairly high altitude or the soothing spa treatment I experienced beforehand, I truly felt the magic and wonder of Ulutwatu.”

Kelvin Dass, Iceland

Kelvin spent two months traveling around Iceland, Faroe Islands and Norway, where he took in the tranquil landscapes, saw the Northern Lights and had the best trip of his life.

Ivy Toh, South Korea

Ivy went to Boryeong and took part in their annual Mud Festival where she voluntarily put mud on herself for the first time. The adventurous lady then also did her very first paragliding in Danyang.

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