Singular Screens - Die Tomorrow
All the film festivals happening in Singapore right now (and beyond)
Nothing beats a big screen experience
Fly With Me. Photo credit: Oliver Oppitz Photograph
9 films to reel you in at this year’s European Union Film Festival
From a gripping post-World War II epic about disarming land mines to a family caught in Syria’s on-going turmoil
Takumi Saito. Photo by Leslie Kee
#SGWatch4U: Too many cooks spoil the broth in Eric Khoo’s Ramen Teh
There is always a time and place for Mark Lee, and this wasn’t it
Photo credit: Netflix
#SGWatch4U: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 leaves us hungry for more
More blood and fresh jokes, that is
How To Be A Good Girl
More choices for Asian television as Hooq unveils new original pilots
With two local productions to boot
Amidst film festival season, this one advocates women’s rights
It’s time to smash the glass
Danish Film Festival - Borge Mogensen: Designs For Life
Singapore gets its first ever Danish Film Festival
Five films, one weekend
Survival Family
Our picks for this year’s Japanese Film Festival
FYI, we steered clear of the sappy romance flicks
Shelter by Sean Ng
Watch local shorts about kind Singaporeans in the ‘70s to ‘90s
We're not all rude and unfriendly
Peroni Sunset Cinema 2017
The Peroni Sunset Cinema on Tanjong Beach just released its lineup of film screenings
Get them before you’re left with nothing but regrets
Photo credit: A24
#SGWatch4U: Lady Bird is kind of ordinary, but maybe that’s why everyone loves it
Greta Gerwig's highly acclaimed film probably works better as a late-night cry fest on your laptop
Photo credit: Netflix
#SGWatch4U: Altered Carbon, Netflix’s newest action-packed sci-fi series
Literal memory chips, interstellar warfare and more
#SGWatch4U: If you’re feeling down, The End of The F**ing World is a great remedy
There’s just something uplifting about British humor mixed with murder
5 World War Two films to catch at the mini war film festival happening this week
Something old, something restored, and something animated