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People's Park Complex

Learn all about their history at this free photography exhibition. 

Force Majeure

And among the line-up of critically-acclaimed films is one about big-deal Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

Photo credit: Artistry

From bespoke cocktails to cutesy brunch to epic nasi Padang, here's where we like to go in the Arab Street area.

Sally Wen Mao. Photo courtesy of the poet

You'd have to clone yourself to make all these events tonight. But getting out of work early for the first one is a start.

Hotel Vagabond - Vagabond Bar

There's a fancy restaurant of course, but also an artist in residence.

Kampong Glam

Rooftop flea markets, Hotel Vagabond, '90s cocktails...need we say more?

The Hub Singapore

Your neighbors could include sexy tech corporations like news site Mashable and Braintree_Paypal.