Not only is it one of the coolest shared working spaces in town (8,000 sq. ft. worth of white walled spaces, segmented accordingly like a private apartment with a kitchen area, meeting room, work stations, private desks, and even room for a spot of table tennis), it’s also one of the most user-friendly and accessible. Even if you’re just a one-man operation trying to set up your first business, Smart space is one of the most reliable business solution centers in town. “It is very much a collaboration place for new and small businesses, design and technology startups and non-profit organizations,” says managing director Michael Zhan. “We are quite unique in that we started with young, creative professionals and designers, but we have now also drawn attention to the emerging opportunities in small businesses in Jakarta and the greater Southeast Asian region, especially China. There’s also a good mix of local and foreign entrepreneurs that take up the space here, as far as California, France, Japan and India.” Essentially though, the space works for its flexible module where members can take up a space for $30 a day and going up to $600 a month. “Singapore is an interesting place to start a business. It promotes enterprise and investments well, and it’s the best place to launch business activities in Asia,” says Zhan. Smartspace also runs Club 71 at (where else but) Singapore startups hub Blk 71, Venture Space and Space at 8.

Venue Details
Address: Smartspace, #03-32/36 261 Waterloo St., Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 6837-3530
Area: City Hall
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm
Nearest trainCity Hall
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