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Elisa Litz

  • Elisa Litz
    Elisa Litz

Let’s hope the London Swing-themed phone booth and gramophones don’t catch your attention before the shoes do. The main draws here are lined with pig leather on the inside and crafted from a variety of materials on the outside—they even use pony hair for lining. They have a variety of styles spanning sandals, flats, wedges and heels that are meticulously laid out. Look out for the bejeweled heels in gold ($59.90) which had us completely floored.

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Phone: 6238-8771
Elisa Litz, #02-62/63 Bugis+, 201 Victoria St., Singapore, 188067 Singapore

Nearest Train:


Opening Hours:

daily 11am-9:30pm

Open Since:

January, 2010
Elisa Litz


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