Cause old kicks always feel better

So you got your hands on the latest and most coveted sneakers in the market. Now to upkeep them. Here’s the secret to them looking and feeling brand new even after extensive wear.

Add some scents

With enough wear, sneakers will start to smell funky. Combat the stench by airing your shoes for at least a day after each wear. Even better, throw a sneaker ball into each shoe to deodorise and bring them back to life. Oh, and if you haven’t gotten into the habit of wearing new socks every day, you should. The last thing you want is bacteria and odour build-up inside your kicks.

Bag them up

Sure, your shoebox offers ample protection against dust and dirt, but that’s definitely not enough for your prized possessions. Sneakerheads will attest to the humble ziplock bag’s ability to guard against that unfortunate spill or god forbid, mildew. While you’re at it, suck the air out of the bag with a vacuum cleaner for a tight seal that will leave your sneakers in pristine condition.

Counter the weather

Never commit sneaker suicide by testing your kicks against the elements. If it threatens to pour, keep those prized suede leather sneakers at home and put on some patent leather or mesh sneakers instead. Liquid will mess up the buttery smooth texture of suede and the process to bring back the nap of the material is a tedious one.

If facing harsh weather conditions is unavoidable, spray a water repellent, such as Crep Protect, all over your sneakers before you head out. Any sort of water-based contaminant will roll off the surface of your shoes like magic. Apply a thin coat every three to four weeks for maximum protection.

Scrub, scrub, scrub

When all else fails and your sneakers are stained, you know it’s time to wash your kicks. But don’t just dump them into the washing machine or spray copious amounts of water. That would take your sneakers past the point of no return.

Instead, invest in a sneaker cleaning set for such situations. A cleaning solution, horsehair brush and microfiber cloth should be enough to get you started. Jason Markk sells these fine products, which are available at good sneaker stores.

Wet the brush, apply some solution to it, dip the brush in clean water again and scrub your sneakers gently. Wipe off the foam and leave them to dry. Voila, you just reinvigorated your shoes.

Hit that undo button

Say you’ve done everything listed above, but your sneakers aren’t able to keep up with your pace and have sustained considerable damage — think scruffs, discolouration and more. Before relegating the shoes to your sneaker museum, hit up a sneaker restoration expert for a last-ditch effort at undoing the damage.

The guys at @tk.customs have built a solid rep when it comes to restoring sneakers and even applying new paintwork over the existing colourway. Say hi to brand new shoes for just a fraction of the original price.

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