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Shakespeare in the Park
No tragedy here: SRT on turning 25 and reviving Shakespeare in the Park
The leading theater company spills the tea on money matters and cancelling their hallmark event 
3 cities in the Philippines perfect for a stopover
Feast on durian, chocolate and cheese
Not traveling? You can now still buy wines, sakes and Champagnes from DFS
For a limited time only
This new bar grill may be the reason you need for a trip into Sentosa
A full view of the Singapore Straits is just icing on the cake
Miso cod with Dutch capsicum and romanesco, Van Gogh Senses
Discover Hong Kong’s creative side like a local through its most artistic restaurants
A Van Gogh-inspired dinner is just the beginning
Nouri's Acarajé and Vatapá: Afro-Brazilian fritter, turmeric and coconut sauce, bread and salted prawn vatapá
The 10 best restaurants in Singapore, according to us
The tastiest and biggest flavors of our little islandPart of our Top Tables: Singapore Restaurant Guide 2018.     
Qi Pottery
In photos: Local designers reinterpret wedding traditions in this new exhibition
The Singaporean wedding gets a hipster facelift
Photo credit: Camp Kilo Charcoal Club Facebook page
SG Weekend: 29 exciting things to do in Singapore (Apr 13-15)
Film screenings, food events, parties and more
Fly With Me. Photo credit: Oliver Oppitz Photograph
9 films to reel you in at this year’s European Union Film Festival
From a gripping post-World War II epic about disarming land mines to a family caught in Syria’s on-going turmoil
Margaret Cho returns to Singapore this May with a sidesplitting new stand-up show
Be assaulted with belly laughs and scandalized gasps
What we’ll be watching at this year’s Singapore Theatre Festival in July
Satire on our local journalism, a man’s look at the Girlfriend Experience, and some one-woman biographical shows
Air Supply
Australian classic hitmakers Air Supply is coming to Singapore
Now and forever
From Jaipur to Shanghai, here's our pick of Asia's best new hotels
Meet the new high bar for luxury stays
Ce La Vi. Photo credit: Colossal Photos
26 fun things to do in Singapore this week (Apr 9-13)
A film festival paying homage to an esteemed filmmaker, the second week of Esplanade's series of theater works by female playwrights, a chance to dine with celebrity chefs, and more
Take part in SG Magazine's 2018 readership survey and win amazing hotel stays
This is where your brutal honesty comes in
Your Eastern Europe mini travel guide: 10 ways to enjoy your stay
Little tips and tricks to explore places like Warsaw, Prague, Krakow and more
This beach might be the best place to stay on Koh Samet
It's not even on some maps of the island
Where we’ll be at the Singapore Heritage Festival 2018
Touring a sugar factory, watching movies under the stars and partying on the streets
Drink all the Negronis without the guilt at the upcoming Negroni Week 2018
Do your bit for charity by having a Negroni
Worldwide Stage at Ultra Miami 2017
Ultra Singapore returns in June with a new, over-the-top stage
Setting the stage for a Southeast Asian debut