Yuan Cha

Bubble tea that’s more tea than bubble

Bubble tea doesn’t have to be unhealthy—in fact, Yuan Cha prioritizes authentic brewing and drinking, so the tea you drink goes straight from farm to cup. Sourced directly from a Taiwanese plantation, the teas are freshly prepared at optimal temperatures, with techniques that guarantee an aromatic finish. For an even purer taste, the water used is twice filtered in the brewing process, and the final cup is manually shaken by trained staff. Even the toppings are a healthier option—in place of your bog-standard black pearls, Yuan Cha’s “QQ Toppings” are made from sweet potatoes and yam, so you still get the texture of the pearls without the starch overload.

On the menu are original creations like Milk Tieguanyin ($3.50), Honey Osmanthus Tea ($4.50) and Apple Vinegar Oolong ($3.80). If you’re in need of a comforting pick-me-up, try the Premium Teas like the Alishan ($6.80), Ziya Shan Tea ($7.20) and Red Oolong ($5)—which are only sold hot and with no sugar added, so as to stay true to the right way of tea-drinking.

Venue Details
Address: Yuan Cha, #01--39 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd., Singapore, 228213 Singapore
Phone: 6769-1153
Area: Central, Orchard
Cuisine: Dessert, Taiwanese
Price Range: $
Open since: June, 2017
Opening hours: daily 11am-9:30pm
Nearest trainOrchard
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