The Summerhouse

Fancy food, cocktails and coffee, all within a gorgeous lifestyle hub at Seletar Aerospace Park.

The buzz: The Summer house is an English countryside-inspired restaurant, garden and bar at The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park, housed in a gorgeous huge conservation bungalow. Run by the 1-Group, the people who have brought you things like 1-Altitude and Una at One Rochester, The Summerhouse brings together all the big trends and trending players in Singapore's F&B: produce sourced from a local farm collective and kelong (ok, and Malaysia), coffee by Nomad the Gallant, some on-site farming thanks to good ol' Edible Gardens and lots of other little touches.

The vibe: The two-story black and white bungalow has sprawling verandahs, verdant yards, floral upholstery, high ceilings, ceilinged mirrors, beautifully restored old floors and even a pavilion perfect for weddings. They have an edible garden where they harvest fresh produce to be used in their dishes. In the backyard, they have a edible garden where they harvest fresh produce to be used in their cooking.

The food: With strong influences from the German-born chef’s background, the food here is often inspired by the eating practices back in his home country. For appetizers, we tried chef Florian Ridder's raspberry pickled beetroot, which comes with "surprise" ricotta cheese in the middle ($18), perfect for fans of sour delicacies. We then moved on to have the slightly spicy Taco, a beef tartare that's complemented with the crispy taco chip ($17). We also love their mains like buckwheat porridge with bacon bits, Parmesan crisp, Chinese spinach and pumpkin and sunflower seeds ($16), a good mix of textures. As for desserts, they offer something that's typically served in Germany. What looked like a blob turns out to be a sweet, delicious triple layered dessert of plum sauce, milk foam and sourdough ice cream, topped with crunchy bits. There's also the lighter tasting, pastel-colored Flower, a beautiful union of guava yogurt, lychee-coconut mousse, raspberry puree and rose meringue.  Another dish on a separate collective farming menu (which you can get for $128 per person), exquisite looking prawns, dashed with burnt lemon powder and grated pistachio, presented on a glass plate. All of these are available on their Collective Farming Menus, which comes at $128 per person.

The drinks: Besides the food, they've also incorporated nature elements to keep in line with the obvious on-going theme here. We especailly liked their signature Beetroot Hisbiscus Sling ($21), a concoction of Grey Goose vodka, beetroot juice, hibiscus, rosella, cherry brandy and Chambord liqueur that's perfect for anyone who prefers a light but tasty cocktail on a hot Sunday afternoon. Other cocktails include their Kaya Martini (Kraken spiced rum, pandan kaya, Malibu rum, coconut cream and white), Butterfly Pea Martini (Ink gin, Dolin sweet Vermouth and fresh butterfly pea flowers, $21) and a whole bunch of whimsical drinks under their garden martinis, all going for $21. You can also opt for natural wines like their Riesling from Australia ($95 per bottle).

Why you'll be back: You love the chill vibe of this upcoming food sanctuary and you want some quiet time with your loved ones, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Venue Details
Address: The Summerhouse, The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park, 3 Park Lane, Singapore, 798387 Singapore
Phone: 8608-3340
Area: East
Price Range: $$$
Open since: December, 2016
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-11pm
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