Ramen Atelier

French-Japanese ramen for under $15

The humble bowl of ramen gets a Eurocentric upgrade at Ramen Atelier, a French-Japanese ramen bar in Kent Ridge serving contemporary Japanese ramen with French influences. Here, head chef Andrew Ng fuses his modern European and French culinary techniques with traditional Japanese ramen, through classically Western ingredients like squid ink and duck confit.

There are just five items on the menu, but making a decision isn’t any easier. Ramen Blanc ($13) and Ramen Rouge ($13) are reliable, safe options, though beware that the latter was created with chili heads in mind. For something truly different, try the Ramen Noir ($14), the restaurant’s glossy black ramen made with squid ink miso tare and bonito powder atop pork-chicken chashu; or the Duck Confit Mazemen ($16), a soup-less ramen with shredded duck confit, king oyster mushrooms and an onsen egg. Bon Itadakimasu!

Venue Details
Address: Ramen Atelier, #01-14 SavourWorld, 2 Science Park Dr., Singapore, 118222 Singapore
Phone: 9008-3614
Area: West
Cuisine: French, Fusion, Japanese
Price Range: $
Open since: April, 2017
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am-8pm; Sat noon-3pm
Nearest trainKent Ridge
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