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Singapore restaurant REVIEW:
Long Beach @ Dempsey

  • Long Beach @ Dempsey

Having established itself as one of the more popular seafood places, we decided to check out the fourth Long Beach outlet at Dempsey Hill. Once seated at the lovely alfresco area by the verandah, we thumbed through the well-varied menu chockfull with enough seafood dishes to make your head spin. The meal got off a good start. Our fried you-tiao with minced prawn was tasty, with a fragrant, sesame-coated skin. Next, we gambled on a departure from the restaurant’s signature black pepper crabs and tried its new creation—the white pepper Alaskan crabs instead, and it paid off decently. For those who dislike the strong, robust taste of black pepper, this is a good bet. Two thumbs up for the dong po pork ribs with honey as well—the slightly caramelized coating of honey on the tender ribs made for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Even though it was almost a full house, service was more than satisfactory, as our requests were immediately tended to. All in all, a great “catch.”

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Phone: 6323-2222
Long Beach @ Dempsey, 25 Dempsey Rd., Singapore, 249670 Singapore



Opening Hours:

daily 11am-3pm, 5:30pm-12:45am

Price Range:



Chinese, Seafood

Open Since:

October, 2007
Alfresco, Reservation recommended, Parking available: at restaurant, Takeaway available, Late night
Long Beach @ Dempsey
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