Damian D'Silva's latest venture combines home-style cooking and nostalgic eats 

Gastrobar veteran chef Damian D’Silva must have had an enviably tasty childhood, given that his restaurant is inspired by the home-style cooking of his own past. Growing up with a Eurasian father and Peranakan mother, he cultivated a taste for age-old flavors and traditional home cooking—something the reputable local chef has deftly adapted for the menu at Folklore.

In celebrating Singapore heritage food, the establishment features the classic dishes Gastrobar chef Damian D’Silva grew up eating, made tenderly from scratch just the way he liked it. Espousing a five-in-one multi-ethnic cuisine, the menu’s signature dishes include singgang ($20), a Eurasian dish of wolf herring in a non-spicy paste; and mulligatawny ($14), an Anglo-Indian chicken broth served best with baguette—an homage to D’Silva’s grandfather, who used to prepare it for the family’s weekly Sunday meal. More familiar favorites include Peranakan chap chye and beef cheek rendang, which will surely evoke long-buried nostalgia about simpler times and meals—sentimentalities that perhaps justify the weightier price tag.

Food and memory have a funny way of intertwining in Singapore. According to D’Silva, every dish holds significance to the culture it belongs to. Folklore promises quality storytelling through its heritage food (plus a promotional menu every two to three months), and we’re looking forward to being entertained.

Venue Details
Address: Folklore, 2/F Destination Singapore Beach Road, 700 Beach Rd., Singapore, 199598 Singapore
Phone: 6679-2900
Area: Central, City Hall
Cuisine: Peranakan
Price Range: $
Open since: July, 2017
Opening hours: daily noon-2:30pm
Nearest trainNicoll Highway
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