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Singapore restaurant REVIEW:

  • Chikin
    Chikin. Photo credit: Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan
  • Chikin
    Chikin. Photo credit: Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan
  • Chikin
    Chikin. Photo credit: Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan
  • Chikin
    Chikin. Photo credit: Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan

This addition to the ever-growing skewers trend in Singapore might just be the most innovative yet—Chikin by Coterie Dining Concepts is a Szechuan Yakitori and cocktails bar, specializing in an all-new skewer concept that marries Szechuan Mala and Japanese Yakitori.

Chikin’s preparation is surprisingly straightforward. The menu carries Kushiyaki (meat and vegetable skewer) options, plus 13 parts of the chicken—because, surprise surprise, Chikin means "chicken" in colloquial Japanese—from thigh to skin to gizzard. In Japanese Yakitori style, the skewers are grilled over Binchotan flames; then coated with a signature Szechuan peppercorn (or “mala”) sauce instead of traditional Japanese tare sauce. The result is a flavorful fusion priced from $3 per skewer, or available in a platter at $30 for 10 skewers, and $40 for 15.

For greater variety, complement your skewer meal with the range of Izakaya style dishes, which include cold dish options like thinly sliced salmon cartilage in spicy sauce ($9) and chilled Japanese sea snails in Szechuan spice ($14). And in keeping with being a cocktail bar, Chikin boasts up to 20 different cocktail infusions, as well as classics with a Japanese twist—like the martini-inspired Shiso my Mojo.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the easy-to-eat skewer trend, you might want to pop by just for the eclectic vibe and decor. The bar is designed to a pop-culture theme blending fashion, music, art and cartoons of 80’s Japanese pop nostalgia—all tastefully designed by veteran Creative Director Cheah Wei Chun. Neon lights and wall-to-ceiling murals give the place an air of edge, so eating meat on a stick is effortlessly blasé. 

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Phone: 6221-3670
Chikin, 6 Bukit Pasoh Rd., Singapore, 089820 Singapore

Nearest Train:

Outram Park

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 5pm-1am; Sat 6pm-1am

Price Range:




Open Since:

August, 2017
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