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Singapore restaurant REVIEW:

    Little pork skewers marinated in flavorful mineral-rich salt
    Raw salmon served with egg yolk, cucumber, spring onion and sweet salty sauce
    Dashimaki with an egg omelet rolled and filled with spicy cod roe
    Minimalist 12-seater bar
    Have some sake to-goat their space that doubles as a bottle-shop

At this minimalist 12-seat bar, tuck into steaming bowls of Hakata-style ramen while sipping from a selection of around 90 sake labels including citrusy Bijyofu yuzu schwa and light, dry Bijyofu Junrei Junmaiginjo. Bar snacks like Oden (clear soup with white radish and boiled eggs) and Crab Croquettes round out the menu. The space doubles as a bottle shop, so before you leave, grab some sake to-go.

Meet the Chef
Miyazaki Hideki

Miyazaki Hideki has been passionate about food since he was a kid: he loved cooking with his mother. And while he was away from home at university, he had the opportunity to hone his cooking skills. The Fukuoka-born Deputy General Manager for the Asia and Oceania Product Development Unit (which handles IPPUDO) moved here in 2009. When he’s not eating ramen, he loves Motsunabe hot pot, a specialty of his hometown. It’s a satisfying, value-for-money meal.

Top Dishes
Salmon Yukke

Whole fresh salmon are imported for the Salmon Yukke. The raw salmon is cut into bite-sized pieces and served with egg yolk, julienned cucumber, chopped spring onion and sweet salty sauce —it’s a great blend of flavors. Just mix it together and eat. Everything is served in a small black bowl making the bright coral and yellow colors of the fish and egg pop.

Shiobuta Kushi

The Shiobuta Kushi are handy little pork skewers. The meat is soft and nicely layered with fat. Plus, it’s marinated using flavorful mineral-rich salt. The sticks are served on a bed of fresh cabbage leaves. And a small portion of mustard comes with the pork — the spicy condiment helps cuts through the richness of the fatty meat. 

Mentai Dashimaki

The Mentai Dashimaki features an egg omelette (enriched with soup stock) rolled and filled with spicy cod roe. It’s a classic Hakata recipe. The savory roe provides great contrast against the mild egg and it takes great skill to make a neat roll. The dish comes with four pieces to an order. And there’s a dollop of mayonnaise served alongside.

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BAR IPPUDO, #04-22/23 Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Rd., Singapore, 228208 Singapore



Nearest Train:


Opening Hours:

daily 11:30am-10pm

Price Range:


Open Since:

May, 2015
Alfresco, Reservation recommended, Takeaway available, Baby chair available