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Singapore restaurant REVIEW:

  • 999.99
    Beef tenderloin and foie gras topped with shavings of Italian truffle
  • 999.99
    Smokey lamb and eggplant finished with green pepper and horseradish sauce
  • 999.99
    Lobster Gratin mixed with a white sauce made using gruyere and parmesan cheese
  • 999.99
    Interior features brick walls and dark leather chairs
  • 999.99
    Elegant table setting for counter seats

This 60-seat shophouse restaurant—featuring exposed brick walls and dark leather chairs—was designed by Japanese firm. The place draws a good crowd of diners with their affordable set meals: Lunch will set you back by just $19 while dinner goes for $69. They also offer a la carte dishes including Mushroom Risotto ($14) and King Crab Croquettes ($15). Drink-wise, there’s solid selection of wines to go with the food from affordable bottles like Santa Helena Sauvignon Blanc 2014 ($64 per bottle) to celebratory bubbly (think Cristal 2007; $499).

Meet the Chef
Masanao Saito

The child of two working parents, Masanao Saito was often left home alone. He learnt to cook as a kid so he could feed himself and be more independent. Among the first dishes he mastered were Chinese recipes like Mapo Tofu as they were easy to prepare. When he grew up, Chef Saito chose to become a chef and went on to work at Italian and French restaurants in Tokyo, Okinawa and Sweden. Today, he has 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. The chef is inspired to create new dishes every time he visits fresh food markets. Here in Singapore, he often visits Tekka Market, which he feels has a great selection of vegetables.

Top Dishes
Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras

Another favorite is the beef tenderloin and foie gras ($32), which is also inspired by a French classic, Tournedos Rossini. The dish is served with potato puree as well as spinach and pine nuts, then topped with shavings of Italian truffle. Chef Saito says, “It’s a good introduction to what the restaurant has to offer.” The rich meaty main is a satisfying and value-for-money meal featuring ultra luxe ingredients.

Smokey Lamb and Eggplant

The smokey lamb and eggplant ($24) features a rack of New Zealand lamb alongside burnt eggplant puree, deep fried eggplant and pear. The dish is finished with green pepper and horseradish sauce, then smoked, infusing the meat with cherry blossom and apple wood flavors. The plate arrives with a glass dish cover (to seal in the smokey flavor), which provides for an impressive presentation.

Lobster Gratin

Diners get a whole Boston lobster when they order the lobster gratin ($32). The crustacean is degutted, removing the brain, eggs and stomach (these are saved to make stock). Then, the lobster meat is mixed with a white sauce made using gruyere and parmesan cheese. The mixture is stuffed back into the lobster shell and baked until golden. The recipe is a take on the French classic, lobster thermidor and it’s a customer favorite—it’s rare to find affordable, high quality lobster.

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Phone: 6221-7098
999.99, 29 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore, 089136 Singapore

Nearest Train:

Outram Park

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri noon-2:30pm; daily 6pm-midnight

Price Range:


Open Since:

December, 2015
Reservation recommended, BYOB