You could be one hour away from the biggest night of the year

Aptly-named alcohol delivery company Alcohol Delivery has brought life to parties for five years now, dispensing 500,000 bottles of booze in the process. Now, they’re taking on the role of party planners with the launch of their Ultimate Party on Demand package.

Catering for 30 to 40 people, the package includes 10 bottles of spirits, eight cases of beer, 24 bottles of mixers, a beer pong table and game set, six styrofoam chiller boxes with ice and a UE Roll 2 speaker. The price? A cool $1,608.58 for the basic option which includes Absolut, Carlsberg and Coca-Cola.That’s one way to get a bit of team-building done. Alcohol Delivery guarantees that you'll receive your order within an hour. 

To place your orders, head to the Alcohol Delivery website or call 9244-5533.