But only for six months

The humble hawker stall Mui Kee Congee famous for its smooth fish broth congee is making its way from the fourth level of Mong Kok's Fa Yuen Street Market back in Hong Kong for a six month pop-up at Casa Verde in Singapore Botanic Gardens), come Jun 30. They'll be partnering with Les Amis Group, which also manages the two-Michelin-starred Les Amis over in Shaw Centre. 

The congee stall started in 1979 by the current third-generation owner's late grandmother, Madam Mak Mui. It has since stayed at their current location since 1991. For Singapore's selecion, you'll be able to pick from a choice of eight different types of congee that are crowd favorites over in Hong Kong, with ingredients like dace fish belly sauteed with rice wine, sliced beef and meatballs. However, they'll only be available in sets, which come with sliced century eggs, preserved ginger and dough fritters ($12.50-$14.50). You can add on other side dishes if you want to as well.

The congee will only be available for breakfast and lunch. To ensure that the quality of the congee is consistent to the one in Hong Kong, the current owner will be based in Singapore for the first couple of weeks of the pop-up, and will pass down his knowledge to a chef from the Les Amis Group. Thereafter, he'll swing by at least one or two times every month. Plans for a permanent space are currently in the works.