Dining against a stunning backdrop always seems to make the food tastier. Here are our favorite seafronting restaurants that serve great food, with equally spectacular views to match. 

Privé Grill

This café/restaurant/bar is located on Keppel Bay, a man-made island that's also home to swanky yachts. Granted, its location might make it a tad inaccessible but we're willing to look past that for it's quaint ambiance and stunning views of the marina. Privé serves up simple but effective dishes, like steaks, Iberico pork ribs and whole-roasted Cornish game hen. Check their website for directions. 


Catalunya is a slick, contemporary dome that appears to floats on the water at Collyer Quay. Dig into dishes like foie gras and eel with grilled vegetables; black squid ink paella; and mollete de cochinillo (grilled brioche with a slice of tender suckling pig and mustard) while feasting your eyes on the visually spectacular surroundings. Check their website for more info.

Brussels Sprouts

This casual seaside Belgian bistro offers over 14 choices of pot-cooked mussels. You can choose to enjoy these bivalves in a traditional white wine sauce, a creamy blue cheese sauce or opt for Singapore-style laksa. Also on the menu are classic French dishes like pates and lamb shanks. For their full menu, go here

The Clifford Pier

Fullerton Bay Hotel’s newest restaurant is situated at and named after the historic landmark which served as the first port of call for immigrants in Singapore’s early days. You'll find familiar local favorites with Western touches like soup kambing (mutton soup) and fried carrot cake with soy prawns. See their website for full details. 

Long Beach Seafood

This Chinese seafood institution on the East Coast offers an array of fresh seafood, carrying a variety of crabs like Alaskan king crab, Australian king crab and even snow crabs. Although they offer Westernized dishes like oysters Rockefeller and butter crayfish, their star is still the local menu that features items like crispy kangkong with cuttlefish and roast chicken. Head to their website for more info.

Sabio by the Sea

Located at one of Singapore’s most chic boardwalks, Quayside Isle, this casual Spanish tapas restaurant serves no-fuss plates of classic dishes like croquetas, grilled lamb cutlets, and three different kinds of paellas that include seafood and black squid ink. We love the vibrant atmosphere in the evenings and over the weekends. You can reserve a table at their website.