Head chef Sun Kim

Delicate Korean-Western fusion is on the menu.

2 days ago
Kilo Lounge

Turkey AND DJs spinning in the background? We're sold.

3 days ago

A back-alley barbecue spot, Vietnamese pho located right next to Bjorn Shen's Bird Bird, Mexican-Korean fusion and good ol' beer can chicken.

4 days ago

Doesn't hurt that it's in a shophouse either.

5 days ago
MeatLiquor. Available on Deliveroo

MeatLiquor burgers in bed? Yes please.

1 week ago
Bird Bird's interior

Thai fried chicken and other trashy goodness on Ann Siang Road at last.

1 week ago
MeatLiquor SIN

These aren't your typical fast food burgers.

2 weeks ago
Decker Barbecue, Robertson Quay

The Texas-style Decker is smoking its brisket "low and slow" like the gods intended.

2 weeks ago
Photo credit: Buttergrill

Also exciting: a beer tasting set

2 weeks ago
Tiger Prawn and Homemade Tofu

And it's not stuffy in the least.

2 weeks ago
North Highlands Beef Tartare with Scottish grass-fed beef

The National Gallery's new French restaurant is only the hottest opening of the year.

2 weeks ago