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Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore

It's wholesome, homely and comforting—there's something about Chinese food we just can't get enough of. Here's a rundown of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

By I-S staff | Jan 02, 2014

  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    Osmanthus cake at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, Singapore
  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    Cherry Garden, Singapore
  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Singapore
  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    Hai Di Lao, Singapore
  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    Dim sum afternoon tea at Cassia, Singapore
  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    Thousand Layer Pig's Ear at Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine, Singapore
  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore
  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    Yan Ting, Singapore
  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    General Tsos chicken drumlets at Chopsuey Cafe, Singapore
  • Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore
    Min Jiang, Singapore

Cherry Garden Chinese restaurant Singapore

Cherry Garden Cantonese Chinese restaurant, Singapore

Cherry Garden

Book a table at Cherry Garden with Chope

Expect only the best at this elegant fine dining Chinese restaurant, with a wide selection of Cantonese cuisine presented with an artistic touch. Noteworthy dishes include the BBQ meat platter, wasabi prawns and double-boiled soup. The weekend dim sum brunches, served with Ruinart Champagne, are also unmissable, featuring faultless food and service.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace Chinese restaurant Singapore

Crystal Jade Golden Palace Teochew Chinese restaurant, Singapore

Crystal Jade Golden Palace

This fine dining outlet of the Crystal Jade Group is super luxurious, and serves up Cantonese and Teochew food. Aside from the exceptional service, the menu features authentic dishes with a decidedly modern twist that are healthier than most Chinese food options but still delicious, with a notable wine list to boot.

Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine Singapore

Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine, Singapore

Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine

This new venture serving traditional Shanghainese cuisine has been packed since it opened. We love the wide array of starters including chilled thousand layer pig’s ears. And you shouldn’t miss the rich glutinous rice and cream crab. It can feel a little stuffy but you’re guaranteed good food.

Hai Di Lao Chinese hot pot restaurant Singapore

Hai Di Lao Chinese hot pot restaurant, Singapore

Hai Di Lao

The first overseas branch of the popular Sichuan hotpot chain offers good service, affordable grub and even free manicures. The food also doesn't disappoint with seven savory soup options and a comprehensive list of items, including their justifiably famous mashed shrimp and home-made tofu.

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant Singapore

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, Singapore

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

There's something to be said for a good ole reliable standby, like this classy Cantonese stalwart that has recently enjoyed a facelift. It now sports a more modern look, with unexpected details like cloud decorations on the pillars, and a revamped menu with additions such as the pillowy baked custard bun and their latest signature appetizer, deep-fried century egg wrapped with minced shrimp.

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Cassia Chinese restaurant Singapore

Cassia Cantonese Chinese restaurant, Singapore


Book a table at Cassia with Chope

When it comes to the glam stakes, it’s hard to beat Cassia at the ultra chic Capella Singapore. The extensive menu at this classy fine-dining Chinese restaurant certainly measures up to its tasteful and warm décor; with ornamental lamps, gorgeous screens carved with flower like motifs, stately windows and lush sofas, all dressed in delicate shades of gray and lilac. Well-executed modern Chinese cuisine (with Western, local and Sichuan influences), top that off with discreet and attentive service.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

This stalwart Cantonese restaurant has been dishing out scrumptious Chinese plates since 1995. The main dining room is swanky, featuring a dramatic gold and black color scheme, artistic calligraphy on the walls and antique displays. Though best known for their Peking duck, the dim sum (think juicy siew mai, golden barbecue pork pastries and deep‐fried shrimp rolls) crafted by Hong Kong native chef Chan Lam Pang, is also not to be missed.

Yan Ting Chinese restaurant Singapore

Yan Ting Chinese restaurant, Singapore

Yan Ting

It's no wonder that the dining hall at Yan Ting, replete with stained glass panels, chandeliers and plush booths (perfect for canoodling), is as luxurious it gets. The food’s as pretty as the décor, so expect excellent Cantonese cuisine and attentive, well-trained wait staff. Also worth a try is the weekend dim sum brunch.

Chopsuey Cafe Chinese restaurant Singapore

Chopsuey Cafe Chinese restaurant, Singapore

Chopsuey Cafe

This chic yet relaxed establishment from the PS. Cafe folks is in a corner black-and-white colonial house with a charming alfresco area. It dishes out interpretations of westernized Chinese classics such as General Tso’s Chicken Drumlets, as well as contemporary items including twice-cooked citrus and spice beef short rib. There’s also a handsome cocktail menu organized by style— shaken, muddled or stirred.

Min Jiang Chinese restaurant Singapore

Min Jiang Chinese restaurant, Singapore

Min Jiang

Its contemporary interior, attractive furnishings and poolside dining option (the first for a Chinese restaurant) aside, it’s the consistently good food that makes Min Jiang worth a visit. The staff are efficient and well-trained too, so you’d be just as comfortable having a business lunch as you would a family get together. The delectable dim sum is a steady draw.

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