We honor International Men’s Day (November 19) with our pick of male chefs who are hot both in and out of the kitchen.

Ben McBride

Executive chef at Bistro Soori

Why we dig him: A fresh arrival on the local culinary scene, McBride’s responsible for some high notes in our recent flavor memory bank. Anyone who insists you can’t trust a skinny chef clearly hasn’t tried his food yet, although in this case we reckon lean’s probably more apt. This hotshot’s one of those strong, silent types, with a manly five o’clock shadow to boot.

Dish to die for: Just the thought of his foie gras duo ($21) makes us weak in the knees.

The lowdown: Unfortunately for us, this 33-year-old is off the market (we’ve met the missus and she’s gorgeous), so back off ladies.

Little-known fact: McBride comes from a long line of cattle ranchers; in fact, his family still owns the oldest family-run cattle ranch in Texas. Oh, and he has a serious addiction to Dr Pepper.

Mark Richards

Chef de cuisine at Keystone Restaurant

Why we dig him: After several stints overseas at establishments like MoMo and Ondine in Melbourne, this local’s back; and boy, are we glad. Sure, he whips up some mean fare, but who can resist those puppy-dog eyes and cheeky grin?

Dish to die for: We love our beef, and Richards’ signature Rangers Valley filet mignon ($58) with brown butter is one fine piece of meat.

The lowdown: We almost didn’t believe him when he told us, because this 36-year-old doesn’t look a day over 30. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but Richards is already in a committed relationship.

Little-known fact: He once slept on park benches in Melbourne two nights in a row when he was too broke to pay the rent.

Tim Ross-Watson

Owner and chef of The Garden of Eden

Why we dig him: He really is a bit of a dish, and proof that they sure do grow ‘em cute in the UK. This Londoner has called Singapore home for almost four years and serves up some yummy, avant-garde nosh in his very own establishment. Ross-Watson works out twice every day, so it’s no surprise that he’s got a banging bod. There’s also the whole bad boy vibe; with tatts on his back, hand, hip and a half-sleeve on his left arm.

Dish to die for: His rendition of Jelly ‘n’ Ice Cream ($15) brings back warm, fuzzy childhood memories; you could say it really hits our sweet spot.

The lowdown: Interested parties will be pleased to know that this 27-year-old hottie is single and very much available. Yes girls, you read that right. There’s hope yet.

Little-known fact: When he’s not working his ass off, working up a sweat or indulging in Jack Daniel’s on the rocks, he admits to praying a lot. On Sundays, you’ll find him at City Harvest Church. We suspect the female population’s attendance might enjoy a spike this coming weekend.

Randy Torres

Sous chef at Krish

Why we dig him: This fine gentleman has a wholesome all-American appeal, complete with a laidback boyish charm; pretty much exactly the kind of guy you’d want to bring home to meet mom and dad. Not to mention, the fact that he’s easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either.

Dish to die for: We’re willing to drag our lazy asses out of bed on the weekends for the absolutely scrumptious crab cake Benedict ($16), only available during brunch.

The lowdown: He’s 30, but we reckon he’s an old soul, in a good way. According to our very dependable sources, Torres has very recently started dating someone. Dang it.

Little-known fact: Torres is a bona fide romantic, and not afraid to say it (brownie points). We’re talking about someone who believes in the good ole fashioned things like buying flowers, writing poetry, and cooking dinner for his special someone from scratch. He even unabashedly admits to not just watching but actually enjoying rom-coms.