An adult's sugary wonderland.

Resorts World Sentosa is more than just the casino and Universal Studios Singapore—it's also home to a slew of celebrity restaurants like the Michelin-starred Joel Robuchon Restaurant and Forest. But there's a sweet new kid on the block who's ready to whisk you away into the candy equivalent of Neverland.

This new establishment located within Hard Rock Hotel Singapore is part live music venue (thus the name Sessions), part restaurant and part patisserie. While the restaurant specializes in popular crab and seafood dishes and hot wok faves like Singapore chili crab and drunken prawns, what you really should go for here is the patisserie. Sweet Sessions, which is just next to the restaurant, is helmed by RWS' executive chef (and president of the Singapore Pastry Alliance since 2006) Kenny Kong. This patissier has spent decades in various fine establishments in France, Switzerland, Hong Kong and of course, Singapore, and has amassed numerous awards both locally and regionally. He's pretty much the guy you want to go to when you have a major sweet craving. He makes mouth-watering desserts like his signature Macaron Hamburger Bun ($16), a mini hamburger-looking dish with marshmallows, mocha ice cream and mango leather sandwiched between a chili-chocolate chip cookie and a macaron shell; the Instagram-worthy Frozen Yoghurt & Floss Tower ($16) featuring soft serve froyo and pink candy floss and served over dry ice; the theatrical Chocolate Balloon Melt ($18), Kong's rendition of the novel melting chocolate sphere dessert; and many more, which are presented in large glass displays like antiques in a museum.

Take a look at some of Chef Kong's creations to get a better idea:

Bingsu with sesame seaweed chocolate shawarma

Frozen yogurt and floss tower 

Macaron Hamburger Bun