Szechuan dishes with a Japanese slant? We're in

Forget about your waistline this May 26 as the alfresco rooftop lounge overlooking Marina Bay Me@OUE will be hosting two Japanese chefs at their inaugural food fiesta, Japan Edition. Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, owner of casual French establishment La Rochelle in Japan, and celebrity chef Chen Kentaro of Shisen Hanten, the first overseas outpost of the Szechuan restaurant in Japan that subsequently earned two Michelin stars, will be hosted by Me@OUE's executive chef Sam Chin.

Chef Kentaro will be serving four dishes such as stir-fried chili Tachiuo fish with Okinawa purple sweet potato and Okinawa grouper Szechuan hot pot. Together with Chef Sakai, they'll be presenting finger food like mini chicken katsu sandwich and a dish combination of confit mable potato, caviar, ikura and more. 

You can also look forward to Chef Sakai's French pork pate macaroon and roast beef, which will be sliced on the spot. Besides the French-Japanese dishes, enjoy blue fin tuna sashimi and sushi and Saint Vaast oysters from Normandy, France. End your meal on a sweet note with options like a dessert made up of matcha, yuzu and azuki, and Okinawa purple sweet potato yuzu cheese tart.
Tickets are $128. Make your reservations here