A whole new experience at the annual Halloween Horror Nights

August has barely passed and we’re already getting word about the annual Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Now on their seventh edition, HHN returns on select nights from Sep 29-Oct 29, all circling the central theme of the seven new incarnations of sins present in modern society—cruelty, deception, malice, manipulation, narcissism, perversion and obsession.

One of the biggest highlights this year, a first for USS, is the special exclusive overnight stay in the most haunted parts of the compound over two nights in September as a prelude to the main event. Just like those haunted house TV reality shows such as MTV's once revered Fear, you might get a visit or 10 from some ghouls and ghastly characters of the night, elevating the horror experience to a whole new level. You'll also get a behind-the-scenes look at this year's HHN before it opens to the public.

However, it's not for everyone. You have to be chosen. if this seems like the kind of thing that you might get a kick out of, you'll have to purchase early bird tickets with any Mastercard cards, and cross your fingers that you'll get picked. There will only be two winners, and each one can invite five other people for the experience.

The major attractions of the actual spookfest includes five haunted houses; one of which is a Death Mall where the narrative in the promo video comes to life, with malicious undead roaming the "building" after it suffered a structural failure. Another new attraction this year is the interactive Zombie Laser Tag Experience, where you can work in a team of four to fend off and "kill" the zombies in the infested areas. It's no Pulau Zombie, but it still sounds pretty interesting, especially since the live-action experience uses brainwave technology which select participants will use to sniff out high concentration levels of zombies within USS.

Halloween Horror Nights 7 takes place over 14 selected nights across five weekends, starting Sep 29. Get your hands on early bird tickets ($55) from now till Sep 5. Tickets will cost $68 after. More info here.