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Real people are up for "loan" again at Singapore's second edition of Human Library next month

Like reading the pages of a well-kept diary.

By Tay Shi Ting | Feb 21, 2017

  • Real people are up for "loan" again at Singapore's second edition of Human Library next month
    Human Library Singapore

The Singapore edition of mobile human-loaning library aptly called Human Library is back for its second edition on Mar 5 at the same venue as the last edition, The Red Box. Originally a concept hailed from Denmark and caught on with countries like Poland, Philippines, New Zealand, and now Singapore, the concept revolves around providing a space to interact with people from very different walks of life who'll share personal experiences and answer questions candidly.

How does it work? Just like a library, really. You'll have to go through a simple registration process online prior to the event. Once you've done that, you'll be able to pick the time slot you want and then pick the "books" (people) you'd like to "read" (interact with). On the day itself, you'll be issued a library card with all of your booked slots and their assigned tables. There's a total of 47 human "books" to choose from in this edition, including a full-time panda mascot who always dreamed of being one since young, a butch lesbian, former sex workers, a funeral home director, migrant workers, an opera singer, two people suffering from depression, a single mother, a stay-home dad, a transgender woman and more. Also, what's different from the previous year is the addition of community partners who will ease the waiting process before your next slot, and a longer interaction time (30 minutes) with each "book".

Admission is free, but registration is required. Find out more here.

We spoke to Kelly Ann Zainal, the project lead of Human Library Singapore. Read our interview with her last year here.

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