Dark, black-and-white films are this year's focus

We had a break from film festivals earlier this year, but Voilah! French Festival and European Union Film Festival quickly picked the pace. The next one coming up is the returning Mexican Film Festival happening on Jun 1-6. It's held at Golden Mile's indie cinema The Projector until Jun 4, which was also home to many other film festivals. The festival organized by The Projector in collaboration with The Embassy of Mexico in Singapore takes a darker turn this year.

Among the five films are two black-and-white features, one of which is 2015 film Bleak Street, a dark comedy about two elderly sex workers who had to rob the twin dwarf lucha libre wrestlers to make ends meet, directed by Arturo Ripstein. 

There's also the more intense Desert, a thriller detailing the story of an illegal border crosser who risks getting gunned down by a patriotic psychopath. The film is by the co-writer of sci-fi film Gravity, Jonas Cuaron, son of veteran director Alfonso Cuaron.

For a more light-hearted and warm film, catch Mr. Pig by actor-director Diego Luna, which tells the story of an old American farmer and his daughter who goes on a journey through Mexico to sell off a prized hog. As the father's health deteriorates, they begin to reconcile their broken relationship. This film was inspired by the director's relationship with his father.

Tickets are $11.50, and are available here