"Art too is entertainment."

Local eclectic underground art gallery Kult is known for its kooky curated galleries and zines, and this time, in an attempt to call out on art trade shows that may not necessarily be accessible to the average person, they've put together an art fair aptly named The $200 Show: Actually Affordable Art, featuring originals, prints and 3D artwork from the gallery's archives that will be on sale for $200 or less from Apr 6-May 22 (starts just a day before the opening of this year's Affordable Art Fair) .

You can expect to see a variety of artworks spanning across mediums like risograph prints, art on vinyl, resin-cas sculptures and original illustrations from local and international artists like Kult's founder Mojoko, local multidisciplinary creative agency fFurious and illustrator Mindflyer. Other creative minds who'll be showcasing their prowesses at this tongue-in-cheek fair are Thailand's Rook Floro, Kevin Hong from New York, Ian Mutch from Australia and Chogrin from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Apart from browsing through their artworks, you can also enjoy happy hour promotions at the Kafe next door. The Kult Magazine will also be available for pick up at $20 (three issues).

Check out some of the artworks below. 

(Left to right) Hey Mikey You're So Fine by Kimiaki Yaegashi / Animals by Mojoko

(Left to right) Fahrenheit 451 by Russell Taysom / Chungking Express poster by Kult

The $200 Show: Actually Affordable Art will be open from Apr 6-May 22 (opening hours on the exhibition's launch weekend will be extended till 10pm. Find out more here.