Dizzying workshops await

Guzzle all the drinks you want, but if you’ve ever wanted to explore even more ways to enjoy your choice of spirit, then this weekly workshop over at Proof Flat—the gorgeous little retail shop stocking all you need to have a world-class bar at home—is for you.

Besides looking like a set right out of a James Bond film and selling hundreds of bottles and some great small-batch stuff curated over years of traveling and meeting producers (both in-store and on EC Proof), the place lets you bask in tufted leather sofas and enjoy an evening of Prosecco and light bites, as a subject expert from Proof & Company shares origin stories of the spirits, the production methods and some fun and engaging anecdotes of working with the spirit at the various bars under the group. In the one-hour sessions, you’ll also learn how to make a tasty cocktail to impress your friends the next time you host a house party. Just last week, participants learned how to make the rum-based highball cocktail, Dark & Stormy.

In the weeks to come, there’ll be workshops for tequila (Oct 6), vodka (Oct 13), whisky (Oct 20) and wines (TBC). More info on EC Proof's Salon Social here.