They'll be keeping us warm on a cold, cold night

Alt R&B has been on the rise, slowly creeping its way into the mainstream with artists like AlunaGeorge, Banks, Nao, and Kehlani at the forefront of the scene. But among the many great acts who have become staples in our Spotify playlists is an electronic duo from London who’s captured our hearts and many others around the world with their brand of dance-y yet heartfelt, personal songs. And they’re coming to Singapore. James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck, better known as Honne, will be bringing their A-game during their debut at Millian on Jun 2.

The oh so British pair met on the first day of university, and both knew immediately that this friendship was something special. That same night, in late 2014, Honne—a Japanese word meaning “real intention” or “true feelings”—was born. They started making music with just a simple set-up and felt completely relaxed, despite meeting just earlier. It was this exact moment when all the feels, emotions and honesty just seeped through into the collection of songs we now know as their debut studio album Warm on a Cold Night. In just about two years, they’ve amassed 20 million Spotify streams, a couple of Hype Machine number one singles and sell-out tours; clearly their music resonates with many of us going through similar “digital love” situations.

Catch the enigmatic Honne at Millian on Friday, Jun 2. Tickets are priced at $60 (standard) and $80 (door) via Moonbeats Asia's website. Early bird tickets have already sold out, so get yours fast.