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Defining Your Tastebuds: Tiger Black or Tiger White?

Should you Go Bold or should you Go Smooth?

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By SG-Promoted | Aug 08, 2017

  • Defining Your Tastebuds: Tiger Black or Tiger White?
    Tiger Black and Tiger White

[Sponsored] Singapore’s iconic Tiger Beer has just launched two new brews that will bring you on two distinct journeys of flavor—Tiger Black and Tiger White. We’re here to help you decide which beer suits your palate.

Tiger Black—Go Bold

The lowdown: Tiger Black is a black lager brewed with Asian black rice. Weighing in at 5.5 percent alcohol by volume—0.5 percent higher than classic Tiger Beer—it’s a bold brew with more complexity than a typical lager. While it is bigger and richer than many mainstays, it still manages to be approachable for the average beer drinker.

Who it’s for: Do you appreciate a beer with bite and unique character; a beer that holds true to its roots while expanding your horizons? Then Tiger Black is the beer for you.

When to drink it: Beers with depth often lead to contemplative conversations, and Tiger Black is the ideal brew for a laid-back, afterhours get-together with old friends.

Tiger White—Go Smooth

The lowdown: Very much in the tradition of the witbiers of Belgium and weissbiers of Germany, Tiger White is an Asian wheat beer with characteristics that will be very familiar to beer aficionados. Naturally cloudy, Tiger White offers flavors of citrus, coriander and cloves.

Who it’s for: Can’t live without a bit of spice in your life? Need a beer that provides zesty refreshment? Longing for your next European vacation? Tiger White will take you on an adventure with every sip. 

When to drink it: At 5 percent alcohol by volume—the same as standard Tiger Beer—Tiger White is a sessionable beer that’s perfect for both special occasions and everyday drinks.

Discover the brews for yourself at an upcoming street party as part of Tiger’s #UncageTheUnexpected campaign; visit the Tiger Beer Facebook page for more information. Tiger Black and Tiger White can also be found at participating bars, restaurants, major supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores.

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