*beats chest in excitement*

  • By Amanda Chai
  • | Jan 12, 2018

What did we do right to deserve this? This July, queen of all queens Celine Dion will be coming to Singapore for the very first time, to perform as part of her Celine Dion Live 2018 Tour. The two-day concert taking place Jul 3-4 will be held at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom, and kicks off the integrated resort’s 2018 Sands Live concert series.

Starting Jun 26, the multi-platinum award-winning pop star will tour seven cities across the Asia-Pacific region—beginning in Tokyo and finishing off in Bangkok end-July. How do we even begin to articulate our excitement? Or choose which iconic song lyrics to quote in this article? Whether you’re a diehard Celine fan who knows all the words to her 70 albums by heart (even the French ones), or just a regular Joe who occasionally hums along to My Heart Will Go On whenever it plays in malls, this is a concert you shouldn’t sit out on. We might even attempt to throw ourselves onstage, given Celine's incredible graciousness towards sudden fan invasions.

Ticket sale dates haven’t been announced, but members of TeamCeline, MBS Loyalty card members, and Singtel mobile subscribers will have early access in a pre-sale.

It took many, many years of patient waiting, but she’s finally coming (back) to us now.