Pastries using the Mao Shan Wang and D24 durian, the usual durian puffs and a special cake that looks like an actual durian.

The annual durian festival organized by Goodwood Park Hotel is back from Mar 10-Jul 31, unfrazzled by the suspension and food poisoning cases last year. The festival turns 34 this year and will be providing an array of desserts using only premium durians—D24 and Mao Shan Wang. 

Besides their all-time favorites like durian puffs, crepes and mousse cake, they are always coming up with new creations. This year, these include the D24 matcha cake, which is made using D24 durian, matcha white chocolate mousse, almond and wrapped around with Italian sponge biscuits ($12 per slice), and cashew nut crumble tartlet, a combination of durian mousse, cashew nuts, vanilla mousse and the crunchy Oreo cookie base ($11.80 for two).

There's even an entire section dedicated to Mao Shan Wang's pastries in the form of puffs, mousse and designer cake. The cake is designed to look like an actual durian, with its husk and yellow flesh. Good things are worth the wait, especially these limited Mao Shan Wang's pastries that will only be available after May 27. For those who've been anticipating the hotel's durian-centered dishes, the coffee lounge will also be hosting an all-durian lunch and dinner buffet. Details have yet to be rolled out, but if you're planning to go for the buffet, just remember to hydrate yourself at the same time.

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