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For $100, you can tour the Esplanade backstage like never before

And have Siti Khalijah and Inch Chua be your tour guide

By SG Staff | Oct 30, 2017

  • For $100, you can tour the Esplanade backstage like never before
    Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

If you’ve ever wanted to see the inner workings of Singapore’s most prestigious arts venue, now is your chance—assuming you’ve got $100 to spare, that is. Esplanade is celebrating its 15th anniversary by holding eight special backstage tours led by local artists. Each “Backstage Pass with…” tour accommodates up to a cozy 20 people, and includes a light tea reception by Creative Eateries. You’ll get to explore rarely accessible backstage areas, and tour the mechanics of how Esplanade runs—all while being enthralled by personal stories from some of Singapore’s finest artists.

Hossan Leong, Inch Chua, actress Siti Khalijah and jazz vocalist Rani Singam are the artists leading the two-hour tours; but for a different experience, sign up for a tour with some of Esplanade’s head staff, which include the arts center’s head of production management, head of operational support services and Chief Executive Officer himself Benson Puah. A minimum donation of $100 per participant is required to snag a coveted spot, and all proceeds go towards fundraising for the construction of a new 550-seater theater on the Esplanade waterfront. It’s a steep price tag for a simple tour, but you can probably expect to know the Durian like the back of your hand after.

Backstage Pass with… runs every Saturday from Oct 28-Dec 16, 10am-12pm at various venues in Esplanade. More info here

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