Play dress up and head down to these Halloween parties and celebrations for a howling good time.

Never mind that there’s no real trick or treating happening in Singapore. Halloween can still be fun if you know exactly where to check out come nighttime. From outrageous costume parties at Zouk and The Butter Factory to spooky rides at the Night Safari, here are some ghoul fests that you simply cannot miss.

Discoween Halloween
Spooksville: Attica, #01-03 Blk. A Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd., 6333-9973
Witching Hours: 10pm-late
Blood Curdlers: For those who love nostalgic disco revival featuring glittering danceballs, psychedelic lights and kitschy togs from the infamous Studio 54 era. Expect big haired chicks in belle bottoms and lads in their tackiest disco threads frolicking the night away with old school moves.
Axed Moolah: Dress up for free entry or pay $28 for cover charge.

Freakshow Fashionista Halloween Freeek Off 2008
Spooksville: The Butter Factory, #01-03, Riverside 48, 48 Robertson Quay, 6333-8243
Witching Hours: 9:30pm–late
Blood Curdlers: This will be a monstrous celebration of eccentricity and glamor for the maddest fashionistas. Besides the Freeek off walk, which showcases the demented creations of budding fashion design students, the dancefloors will be occupied by gyrating zombies paying tribute to Wacko Jacko’s Thriller at the stroke of midnight. Ghouls in need of new threads, head to the Freeek Boo Teeeque that will be open within Butter’s hell gates with full costumes are available for loan—all curated and chosen from the club’s fiendish few.
Axed Moolah: $11-26 but priority and complimentary entry will be given to those in full costume.

Graveyard Town
Spooksville: Peranakan Place, 180 Orchard Rd., 6738-8818
Witching Hours: 8pm-late
Blood Curdlers: On Halloween, the watering holes at Peranakan Place will transmogrify into a haunted graveyard town for all wandering souls and lost mortals. Expect a night of blood curdling twisted merrymaking with a bunch of ghastly weirdoes. Not forgetting a dark edgy gorefest of spine-chilling futurepop and electro beats from our masters of aural darkness DJ Mentor (X’Ho) and Saito Nagasaki. Special promotions abound all night for tortured lonely souls.
Axed Moolah: Free entry but it’s wise to log onto for more information and rsvps.

Halloween Horrors
Spooksville: Night Safari, 80 Mandai Lake Rd., 6360-8643
Witching Hours
: 7:30pm-midnight
Blood Curdlers: On Fridays and Saturdays till November 1, the Night Safari morphs into a giant haunted forest with gory spooks in every nook. The Halloween-themed attractions include the Train of Terror, a ghastly ride through the haunted rainforest accompanied by netherworld souls in a cacophony of shrieking bats and crying hyenas.
Axed Moolah: $11-22. But if you want to dine on morbid morsels such as Eyeball Potion and Black Widow’s delight on the Halloween Cocktail Express, expect to fork out $50 (adult) and $40 (child).

An Indecent Fairytale
Spooksville: The Forbidden City, #01-02, Blk. A Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd., 6557-6268
Witching Hours: 11pm-late
Blood Curdlers: Touted as a naughty reverie where “Cinderella meets Dita Von Tesse,” we certainly anticipate the venal cloaked in doe-eyed innocence in this Forbidden City. Spicing up the ribaldry will be Pukka Up’s resident Ibiza DJ Tim Fanucci drenching the airwaves with his orgasmic mélange of decadent funkified house tunes. Go clad like a tawdry virginal Lolita or a sadomasochist version of some third-rate romance novel hero, and you will be rewarded with a complimentary Crown Lager or Chivas cocktail.
Axed Moolah: Free entry.

Infamous 13th Halloween Bus Tour
Spooksville: Starts at Le Noir, #01-01, Blk.C Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd., 6339-6365. Destinations: Unknown.
Witching Hours: 8pm-late
Blood Curdlers: This year, the boys organizing the Halloween bus ride have gone loco with depraved local succubae—the legendary “Orang Minyak” (oil man) and “Hantu Tek Tek” (big breasted ghost). For the right look, scrub charcoal on your skin so it resembles an oil slick, or strap on a push up bra to become “Hantu Tek Tek”. This pub crawl promises to be a night of bawdy drunken pandemonium.
Axed Moolah: $30, but tickets are selling fast. Costumes are mandatory for this ghoulish ride. For more information on route and tickets, e-mail Bosco at or The Party Man at

Spooksville: Howl At The Moon, 2/F, Peranakan Place, 180 Orchard Rd., 6838-0281
Witching Hours: 10pm-1am
Blood Curdlers: White-collared mobs who swap dowdy office wear for costumes from a B-movie horror flick for a night of mayhem. We expect to find werewolves howling at the moon after a couple of pints here.
Axed Moolah: $35-40. Log to get your tickets.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Spooksville: Howl At The Moon, 2/F, Peranakan Place, 180 Orchard Rd., 6338-0281
Witching Hours: 6pm-late
Blood Curdlers: Cabaret kitsch meets Sadomaschosism in this post-Halloween party on November 1. It pays to take sexily ridiculous stylistic cues from popular Rocky Horror cast such as muscle freakzoid Rocky Horror and bisexual mad scientist Frank-n-Furter as this will give you free entry to this gruesome party. We aren’t sure if you will break into song after having one too many during happy hours between 6-9pm.
Axed Moolah: $20 if you don’t bother trolling up.

Voodoo Halloween Party
Spooksville: Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988
Witching Hours: 10pm-late
Blood Curdlers: The mother of all spooky parties continues its fine lineage of bacchanalian revelry with this year’s highly anticipated voodoo theme. The diabolical reigns supreme in this carnival of freaks, goons, wandering dead and lost souls grooving to intensely wicked mantras by resident musical shamans. Go berserk with your creative juices in designing your voodoo gear and you could be rewarded with an AXN Beyond sponsored trip to Capetown, South Africa.
Axed Moolah: $28-33 but free and priority entry for those in full costume. Do arrive early to avoid disappointment. In addition, participate in an all-night long indoor SMS contest where ghouls will have to look out for a number on the Zouk screens to SMS to and win free blood..., erm, we mean, drink coupons.