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You can now channel all your anger by breaking things at Singapore’s first rage room

Do it while listening to The Used for maximum pleasure

By Adam Kerr | May 05, 2017

  • You can now channel all your anger by breaking things at Singapore’s first rage room
    The Fragment Room

Rage rooms aren’t an entirely new concept; you’ve probably seen the ones from countries like Russia, the States and Canada on Facebook. Instead of drowning your sorrows at a bar after work, why not smash some things into smithereens for a fee at the recently opened Fragment Room? It’s the first of its kind in Singapore (and apparently Southeast Asia).

If you’ve always had a penchant for destroying things but never had the chance to vent it out in a legal way, this is where you want to be. It’s basically a room where you can either go at it by yourself, or with a fellow hothead, and smash easily breakable items like teapots, wine bottles, ceramic plates, keyboards, television sets (or bring something from home) with a baseball bat or a sledge hammer. But unlike others in Singapore, where the rooms are made up to look like an office or a house, The Fragment Room offers two empty, fully cemented rooms that look like a house under renovation. Don't worry, full safety gear consisting of cut-proof gloves, overalls and a helmet (or a full face mask) will be provided, and all the shattered fragments will be recycled at the end of every session.

Currently, they have three packages to choose from—the Single ($38), which is the most basic out of the three, entitles a single "player" 30 minutes and one crate of breakable items; the Double ($75) lets you and a friend destroy two crates worth of items for half an hour; while the Annihilation ($220) package allows you to wreak havoc for an hour, destroying things as many things as you want with a baseball bat and a sledgehammer.

Much better (and healthier) than downing that bottle of tequila. The Fragment Room is located at 3 Balestier Rd. Make your bookings here.

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