That's like a billion hours of cat videos

Singaporeans got very excited for a hot minute last year when incoming telco MyRepublic began dangling super cheap data plans in front of us and promising an unlimited data plan, too, causing a bit of a price war among established Singtel, Starhub and M1. Well, alas, they lost their bid a couple months ago to be the fourth telco in Singapore, dashing our dreams. But now, there's a newcomer in town promising to shake-up the industry. Circles.Life, which bypassed the bidding thing through piggybacking on M1's existing network has some big news.

They have just launched a 20GB data plan that existing users can add on to their $28 base plan for just $20. If you are thinking of switching to their company, your $28 base plan will include 6GB data, 100 minutes talk time, free incoming SMS and unlimited Whatsapp usage without using your data. Getting this sweet data deal will bump up the data quota to 26GB and amount to a monthly bill of $48.

Is this plan really as amazing as it sounds? We compared the plans with the three telco companies. It seems no other company is offering nearly as much as Circles.Life in terms of the data quota, with all of them costing an average of $114 for something similar. Starhub gives you 12GB data with unlimited outgoing calls and SMS/MMS for $110. For M1, a 15GB data plan will cost you $125 and then there's Singtel whose nice base plan of $20 does include 5GB data, but an add on of 20GB data means you have to fork out $107 more. Standby for some price-slashing, though, no doubt.

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