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LOPELAB will be up to their usual urban mischief again in May

Keep your eyes peeled for their installations that could happen anywhere, anytime

By Tay Shi Ting | Apr 20, 2017

  • LOPELAB will be up to their usual urban mischief again in May
    Beach Stop by LOPELAB

Remember that super cool Jurong East bustop that boasted free Wi-Fi, e-books, handphone charging points and more? It's a dream come true and we couldn't think of a reason why we can't have more of those. So, the people at LOPELAB, who are known for their block parties part of their in-house project, Urban Ventures, embarked on another personal project, called #LOPEPUBLIC, since the beginning of 2017, where every month, a chosen public space will become a makeshift art installation.

Project manager Jerald Lim shares with us that their goal is to "enable and improve our community's connection with public spaces". They also "believe that most of us are disconnected with our environment, more so with the advances in modern technologies". So, as Singaporeans go about their daily commute, Lim hopes they can better appreciate and connect with their environment through this transformative project.

Since the start of #LOPEPUBLIC, they've already completed four transformations, including making a post-it filled chair, a rainbow badminton net, a post-it bulletin board and swing called Fun Stop, as well as a beach chair bus stop. They were all taken down after a day. A fifth one is set to happen sometime in May, but no details are out yet. This is because LOPELAB wants to keep it "guerrilla-style" and "popping up at the most unexpected of times and places". So we've got no choice but to just wait and see. 

Check out the photos and video below which showcases their past works. 

Post-it chair

Rainbow badminton

Fun Stop

Beach Stop


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