From 3pm, to be specific

There’s no doubt that Christmas along Orchard Road is a joyous sight to behold every year. And if you deny ever having been struck dumb in awe at the overhead light fixtures and arches, well, just remember Santa’s always watching.

This year, our iconic shopping street wants to take it up a notch—by turning on the Christmas lights a good three hours earlier. Instead of the daily light-up starting at 6.30pm, the lights will go into full force at 3pm, for the first time ever in Orchard Road history. The displays will use materials that reflect daylight, as well as LED and energy-saving lights so shoppers can experience the Christmas decorations both in the day and night.

The extended Christmas light-up is part of the annual Christmas celebrations along Orchard Road, happening Nov 11-Jan 1 (2018). Other highlights include Singapore’s very own Christmas Village that will occupy Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, plus a first-ever duplex carousel so you can ride plastic horses on two storeys. There will also be two duplex pop-up stores by SK-II and Haagen Dazs that promise interactive art installations and an actual snow room, respectively.

Looks like Christmas this year is going to be lit—from 3pm.