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Keong Saik Road

And this one seems to have an NYC pedigree.

Maggie Joan's

Put them on your checklist: these restaurants are the ones to watch for your next meal out.

Concerts to book now

You don't want to be that person standing at the back, do you?

Aura - Restaurant

While the Gallery itself doesn't open until November, you can get a sneak peek over delicious food.

Good Times: The Sunday Edition

What better way to get ready for Monday?

Whiskey Live

This year's edition has lots of masterclasses, whiskey tasters, pop-up bars and food pairings.


With possibly one of the most exciting oyster selections we've seen in a while.

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival

Three months to go to until undeniably hipster festival is back.

Mee Pok Man by Eric Khoo, SIFF

Taiwanese documentaries, Israeli feminism, French fashion and lots more.